How’d You Like to Have a Proven, Scalable Wholesale Real Estate Business?

Updated: Aug 16

A lot of people are finding that doing deals in wholesale real estate is getting more and more competitive. Maybe you can relate?

For every ‘off market’ seller, there are probably dozens of wholesalers knocking on their door, calling them on the phone… or texting.

But what can you do to make them love and trust you – and sign your contract and not the other guy’s?

Back in 2017, I was just getting started – working on my living room floor. It was tough, and I knew there had to be a better way.

I’d like to tell you how I went from 1, 2, or 3 deals a month to doing 60 - 80 every month. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Check out this little video I made for you… it’ll tell the story quicker!

Like I said, my world changed drastically AFTER I met some amazing people, and we joined forces to create KeyGlee.

So even if you’re crushing it right now, why not check out what we’re doing over here at KeyGlee and see what you think? Even seasoned wholesalers accelerate their operation as a KeyGlee franchise owner… iron sharpens iron!

We have an incredible network of 115 franchise business owners, who are following our systems, processes, and training to grow their businesses.

Take Alex… he’s the general manager for a franchise umbrella, with 18 franchises in various markets. Now, you don’t have to be as ‘uber zealous’ as these guys… one or two territories may be just fine for you and most of our 100+ franchisees.

Pretty impressive by any standard, right? Whew!

You can check out more amazing stories at our KeyGlee web site and learn about their backgrounds and experiences.

But I’ve been talking about me and others’ experiences – and this is about YOU!

So I’d like to invite you to attend a Virtual Discovery Day event where you can learn more about KeyGlee and the business franchise opportunity in your protected territory.

It’s a great way to get the FACTS you need to evaluate our nationally recognized brand, our great team of like-minded entrepreneurs – and the franchise opportunity.

Our Discovery Day event gives you an ‘under the hood’ look into our business and systems, during a 90-minute Zoom call… so you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Reserve your spot now because they fill up fast. Just pick the date that works best for you, and bring all your questions.

Here’s wishing you amazing prosperity in all your endeavors.

Josiah Grimes

Co-founder & CEO, KeyGlee

PS. We look forward to meeting you and sharing what you can expect, as a wholesale real estate business owner at KeyGlee.

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