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Navigating New Territory: U.S. Market Expansion with KeyGlee Property Abundance

In the dynamic world of wholesaling real estate properties, seizing opportunities is essential for success. The franchise owners of KeyGlee Property Abundance, Jamison Williams and Kolby Ammerman, have consistently adapted to the market shifts and saw potential in expanding into new markets. Over the past three years, they’ve launched a new franchise unit yearly and have successfully closed deals in all of their markets: Las Vegas NV, Cleveland OH, and Jacksonville FL. By entering new markets across the nation, and establishing a strong presence in each, they have been able to diversify their network, business, and knowledge of the industry. Let's delve into the journey of these two exceptional individuals, Jamison Williams and Kolby Ammerman, who have not only embraced the KeyGlee model but have also contributed significantly to KeyGlee's growth.

Jamison and Kolby were early adopters of the KeyGlee Franchise model. The first franchise was opened in 2021- Jamison had just graduated from the AstroFlipping course (A KeyGlee Affiliate) and was looking for a business model where he could be the visionary, focus on sales and build relationships, but have the support of tech, leads, and operations; KeyGlee was the best fit. During Launch Week for his Cleveland, Ohio franchise, Jamison was connected with Kolby who had just started wholesaling for KeyGlee Corporate within the year but had closed over 100 deals. They clicked and the rest is history as they are both high performers in their realms with similar visions for the future. 

KeyGlee’s franchise model has proven to be a catalyst for success, providing entrepreneurs like Jamison and Kolby with a platform to excel. (As seen on Wholesaling Inc. with Brent Daniel, starting at 12:46 timestamp) “KeyGlee is one of the biggest wholesaling companies in the country, I consider them the best! KeyGlee does a phenomenal job of being the Dispo, selling the properties that other wholesalers, investors, real estate agents can’t sell because they don’t have the cash buyers.”- Brent Daniel

Franchise owners benefit from KeyGlee's established systems, support, and brand recognition – setting them up for success in their respective markets. KeyGlee Property Abundance's remarkable journey, marked by consistent growth and expansion, reflects the strength of its franchise model. KeyGlee offers comprehensive training programs, access to an established support system that includes mentorship, resources (tech, leads, and marketing), and ongoing guidance. This empowers franchise owners to thrive in any market they choose and fosters a collaborative environment to grow; ensuring franchise owners are never alone in their entrepreneurial journey and put in the work to make it happen. 

KeyGlee remains committed to providing aspiring real estate entrepreneurs looking to make a mark in the industry with the tools, knowledge, and skills needed to navigate the complexities of real estate wholesaling. Looking to learn more about franchising or have a deal you’d like to partner with us on? Connect with KeyGlee today! For the Las Vegas NV, Cleveland OH, and Jacksonville FL areas, KeyGlee Property Abundance would be a great resource and partner.


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