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How You Actually Put the Glee Back into Real Estate Franchising

It's that time again, our Franchise Spotlight series! And this week, we will be featuring one of our most ambitious franchise owners: Fred Gamble.

He started out with little to no real estate experience, to growing a booming real estate franchise with a blueprint for more.

From Business Owning to Franchise Owning

Fred was very young when he achieved the status of Veteran Lieutenant Colonel, and along with that accomplishment, he is now a proud real estate franchisee of over 3 locations, with no ambition to stop.

While he didn’t have much real estate experience, Fred did have prior business experience and followed 4 rules:

  • The rule of management is you

  • You need to know everything and be prepared to do everything

  • Anything you want success in takes work

  • KGF and all franchisees are always with you

He grew his own cleaning company to the point that he was ready to make the transition. He had the knowledge he needed and all that was left was:

  • Training and coaching to provide and go over scaled KPIs and numbers

  • A helpful and thoughtful insight

  • A family

Enter KeyGlee.

To Be the Best, You've Got to Learn From the Best

Fred always had a knack when it came to flipping. He always watched shows related to flipping and would learn anything he could about it. So he would continue to look into franchises that had that ability.

Thanks to his wife and endless scrolling, KeyGlee popped up on his phone and there he also discovered Jamil. He binged Jamil’s show, Triple Digit Flip, and according to Fred, “the rest is history.”

He attended our Launchweek with his son and a few other people to first build a core team and learn everything he needed about the internals of KeyGlee:

  • Collaboration over competition

  • Ethical relationships bring real success

  • A community that loves people and processes built on integrity


Fred brought a larger team and was present at another Launchweek and he got approval for his business, his goals were in place, and now he was ready.

Time to Take it All Over

Now in just almost a year of being with KeyGlee, Fred is a proud owner of 3 markets in the Texas region: Houston, Austin, and the DFW areas.

Houston Texas

Fred’s head is now aimed at acquiring the San Antonio market and a new goal to beat KGF Corporate’s numbers.

You can view Fred's testimonial of his journey to becoming a franchise owner and experience below.

Fred is part of a community and a family, with a system designed for your success. Learn what we do and can do for you and sign up for a Virtual Discovery Day.


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