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How to Apply the Law of Abundance to Your Business

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

The Law of Abundance is considered a universal law, which says there’s an unlimited source of everything we need or want.

This law is the opposite of a ‘lack’ mentality… a belief that all the good stuff is in short supply. Sometimes called a belief in scarcity or poverty consciousness.

At KeyGlee, we ascribe to the belief in abundance. We’re aligned with it and live it every day. You could say it’s our ‘North Star.’

You’ve probably met some people in business (and maybe your personal life), who can only be happy when they’re winning at the expense of someone else losing. That’s a foreign concept to us at KeyGlee, and we’ve built our reputation on celebrating the success of others!

KeyGlee subscribes to the principle of "Collaboration over Competition." Since the beginning, we have sought to change the attitude of the real estate investment industry and work with our competitors, in order to create a network of support and love amongst everyone. We found that working together with our competition, as opposed to against them, we would all win!

Nobody likes to be taken advantage of in business. Yet the notion of getting the upper hand, or taking unfair advantage of the ‘other’ guy, is all too prevalent in the business world.

But KeyGlee’s living proof that a business can grow and flourish, by choosing to believe the universe is abundant in ALL good things for everyone. And we love it when others succeed!

Everyone’s heard the Zig Zigler quote, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

Our CEO and co-founder of KeyGlee, Josiah Grimes, epitomizes that statement, as do the other co-founders, like Jamil Damji – also known for his popular course, AstroFlipping.

Josiah’s book, Wholesale Abundance, demonstrates how different business relationships can be when we operate out of an ‘abundance’ mentality instead of a belief in lack.

A belief in abundance leads to good business relationships.

“Good relationships are your most valuable asset in the real estate business,” Josiah says. When we work with acquisition wholesalers, who bring us deals, we don’t nickel and dime them to death. Just the opposite… we celebrate them making a very nice profit in a deal.

It just makes sense that when we do right by our wholesalers, who bring us deals, they’ll bring us more and more deals. Our benchmark is $10k, so as long as we hit that, we don’t care how much the acquisition wholesalers make on the deal. In fact, we celebrate it!

We’ve had some investors, who only want these wholesalers to make five grand on a deal because they think the acquisition wholesaler ONLY brought the deal to them, and they did the heavy lifting by closing it.

It should be obvious that investors wouldn’t have a deal to close without the wholesaler. But some people don’t see it that way.

At KeyGlee, we’re very happy when a wholesaler brings us a deal that he’ll make $75k on… that’s amazing for him and his family. And if we can help him sell the home and make our $10k, that’s all we need.

Do you think this wholesaler will keep bringing us more deals, instead of the guy who tries to limit his success? Of course, he will. And we’ll make our share on more deals time and time again… see how that works?

We believe in abundance for everyone. So, there are plenty of all good things to go around. And besides, greed just creates unwanted angst and anger, and who needs that?

If you’re an acquisition wholesaler, a business owner, or an entrepreneur and subscribe to the belief in abundance, instead of lack, and genuinely enjoy seeing others succeed – as you succeed – check out our franchise opportunity.

Join us for a Virtual Discovery Day event where you can learn more about KeyGlee and the business franchise opportunity in your protected territory.

You’ll get an ‘under the hood’ look into our business and systems during a 90-minute Zoom call.

Reserve your spot now because they fill up fast. Just pick the date that works best for you, and bring all your questions.

Helping others not only feels good… it’s also good for business.

Yours in success,

Team KeyGlee

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