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Franchise Spotlight: The Way Forward for the Future of Real Estate Success

Welcome to our Franchise Spotlight, a new blog series that showcases our many KeyGlee franchisees, their backgrounds, and their successes as members of the KeyGlee family.

This month's spotlight is focused on some of our wonderful women franchise owners, starting with Aubin Gosson!

Spotlight on Aubin Gosson

Aubin is one of our newest franchisees, purchasing her franchise in November 2021. She had never owned a franchise before; however, she had been involved in real estate since 2018 and had been a self-employed businesswoman.

Having done everything from wholesaling and fix and flipping, working in wholesale acquisitions, completing single and multi-family deals, and just having a general love of being in real estate, Aubin wanted to find a system that would lead to a future real estate business.

Aubin didn’t want to reinvent the wheel, but she did want a good system that allow her to build a business in real estate. So, she did her research, looking for other real estate franchises like construction, wholesaling, and even tiny homes.

And that’s when she discovered KeyGlee.

Virtually Aligned, Future Proofed

With KeyGlee, Aubin was able to find the franchisor she’d been looking for:

  • A ready-made easily implemented system

  • Company morals that matched Aubin’s own

  • Able to see what we do via Launch Week

Aubin had previously done the driving around and looking at properties method. She didn’t want a repeat of that and one thing that greatly interested her was the idea of running a virtual franchise in a market.

Currently living in Wisconsin, Aubin had previously lived in Detroit and was familiar with the area. So that was the market she decided to work out of, being aware of the geography, having family there, as well as other connections.

Detroit is just a start. Today, Aubin has a team of two acquisition wholesalers, but one of her goals for the year is to grow a full team, which will allow her to start looking into additional markets.

Why KeyGlee was the Right Choice

For Aubin, choosing a franchise was based on research and a set of checkboxes that would align with what she was looking for. In her words – “Had I not purchased [a franchise], I would have been so far back in my career in real estate.

Being a part of KeyGlee allowed Aubin not only the ability to start a business in the industry she loved but do it without having to pick up and move from her current location while investing in her previous home city.

Not just that, she’s also able to build on:

  • KeyGlee brand’s recognition and reputation

  • Our ease-of-use system and technical support

  • Shared resources and increased credibility

You can connect with Aubin on Facebook for any information or opportunities and if you’d like to connect with us with questions or to start your own franchise, schedule a Virtual Discovery Day.


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