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Franchise Spotlight: Finding the Way into a World of Successful Franchising

Welcome back to our Franchise Spotlight! This week we’re featuring Suzanne “Money” Lee, our franchisee in Savannah.

She is a flipper, a short-term and long rental owner, who started out knowing nothing about the franchise world. Now she’s expanding an ever-growing franchise in investment properties in Savannah, GA.

Flipping into Success

Suzanne had never owned a business or a franchise, but was able to grow her knowledge of the industry by starting as a student in AstroFlipping in November 2020.

Through various real estate communities on Facebook, she was able to find local networking events to meet fellow investors at different levels. Here she expanded her knowledge further and her newfound success, allowed her to quit her 9-5 to working as a full-time solo wholesaler in 2021.

Suzanne wanted to captain her own ship and more ships along the way. That was when she discovered KeyGlee.

The Suzanne Money Mindset

KeyGlee gave Suzanne the adrenaline rush she needed to go from driving for dollars with little to no success, to building her and growing her own franchise.

Since she was already familiar with KeyGlee thanks to AstroFlipping, Suzanne was able to see how KeyGlee could fit her franchise opportunity.

She's now teaching other wholesalers how to dominate wholesaling, filling the pipeline with properties, all while simultaneously hosting her bi-weekly calls (her next one will be on 2/8) with franchise owners in nearby Atlanta.

After seeing what we say put into action at our Launch Week, Suzanne found her perfect franchising fit:

  • A system designed to bring her goals to fruition

  • Processes and a team that works with Suzanne, not just for her

  • A path that skyrocketed her career by 2 years

The Key to the Future

Using our proven system, Suzanne was able to build her own office and grow that business to a point where she's now looking to expand her team, while also keeping those mindset principles within her own office culture.

You can connect with Suzanne on Instagram to be a part of her journey. To connect with us regarding questions or to become a franchisee like Suzanne, schedule a Virtual Discovery Day.

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