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An Expert Guide to Hosting a Successful Virtual Open House

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

In the era of Coronavirus, the safest way to promote your home to potential buyers while maintaining health and safety is with a virtual open house.

The idea of a live-streamed event might seem daunting, especially if you don’t have a lot of experience with video and technology. But our expert guide will have you on your way to hosting a successful online open house in no time at all.

1. Prepare Ahead of Time

Even though buyers won’t be stepping foot in your home, they’ll still be looking at every little detail they can get their eyes on. Make sure you clean and declutter your home before the event to make the space look as tidy and open as possible. You want the focus to be on the house itself, not on your stuff.

2. Choose Your Platform

Virtual open houses can easily be hosted through Instagram live or Facebook live (or both, if you have two devices). The benefit to using social media platforms is that they often notify friends and followers when you go live and might boost participation. If you’re unfamiliar with the social media “live” function, you can read more about how to use it here.

Other virtual conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Discord can also work. Use what you feel most comfortable with.

3. Promote as you Would an In-Person Open House

Just as you would spread the word of a live, in-person open house to friends, family, and neighbors, let everyone know about your virtual open house too. Promote it with your online listing, post about it on social media, and ask your agent to send out an email blast to their real estate contacts. The more people you can get to attend the event, the better.

4. Set a Clear Timeframe and Take a Tour

Have a start and end time for the event. Once you have a good amount of participants online, take them on a thorough home tour and answer any questions they have. Depending on the size of the house, 20-30 minutes is about the right tour length. If you’re listing with an agent, they will usually handle this part while you make yourself scarce.

5. Make it Feel Natural

If a buyer were to come to see your home in person, they would start at the front of their house and walk their way through it. Do the same for a virtual online tour. Start outdoors with the curb appeal and street view of the home. Then slowly make your way through the living space, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Be sure to point out any details along the way that make your house stand out.

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Hosting a virtual open house can be a lot of work, and it doesn’t always result in an offer. KeyGlee can help! Simply tell us a little bit about your home and we’ll make you a fair and honest offer quickly. KeyGlee is the fastest, easiest way to sell your home for a fair price. Contact us today! We serve the following metropolitan areas: Austin, Texas; Atlanta, Georgia; Lexington, Kentucky; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Miami, Florida; and lots more!

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