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7 Steps to Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

You might be looking to move into a new home or you need to sell your house fast because of a divorce or other family matters, getting your house ready to sell might seem like a long and daunting task. But there are simple steps you can take ti to increase your chances of getting a solid offer from a buyer.

How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

1. Deep clean

Do you have to clean your home before selling? It seems like a no-brainer, but the answer is YES! The first impression means a lot, so you have to clean any dusty surfaces, spots, or stains on the floors and foul smells. Should you clean your house before selling it AND throughout the selling process? YES! You absolutely should give your home a deep clean before, during, and after the whole selling process. When we say 'deep clean' we are talking about mopping floors, cleaning toilets, scrubbing bathrooms, cleaning rugs, and wiping down surfaces. If your home is especially messy and you need to sell your home fast, consider hiring cleaning professionals.

2. Lighting

It might seem simple, but this is an important factor in getting your house ready to sell. When showing your house to potential buyers, all light fixtures and lamps must be turned on and in working order. You want everyone to see how neat your house looks and what a great home it will be for them.

3. Declutter

Do you have to clean your home before selling to give a good impression? Yes, and don't forget that part of that good first impression is how your home is organized. Make sure your home is clean and presentable. Potential buyers must be able to focus on the actual home and not the clutter they might see.

4. Handyman

Making sure the major appliances are in proper and working order is very important. Have your handyman on speed dial to fix anything that doesn't work such as locks, leaky faucets, cracks in the walls, hardware, appliances, squeaky doors, etc. If potential buyers think your home hasn't been taken care of, they might lose interest quickly.

5. Paint the walls

You might think your mint green walls are the most beautiful sight in the world, but having outstanding colors might alienate buyers. Choose neutral colors such as light beige, white, and light gray to give your home a more natural look. These colors will help your home look bigger, and brighter and give a more welcoming feel.

6. Staging

Staging your home is another thing you can do when you are getting your house ready to sell. It can be easy and affordable to stage the interior of your home. Cleaning your house is important, but you can't ignore the exterior. You should do your best to cut the grass, clean the driveway/sidewalk, and trim the trees. This part could be more difficult, but it is always worth it.

7. Depersonalize your house

Try to find a balance between completely depersonalizing your home and creating a warm and inviting home. You might have some great decorations in your home that make your home inviting and you can accentuate those features. But a good rule of thumb is to only have a few framed photos, nice couches, and clean appliances around your house.

Ready to Move?

Now you have a better idea of what to do to get ready to sell your home. Remember, first impressions matter, and making sure things are in order, giving your home a deep clean, and staging your home can make all the difference.

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