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Meet The Team

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Brandon Richard


His rapid success with Airbnb rentals in the Worcester area sparked his passion for real estate investing. Brandon, now licensed, is a proud member of the Rubric Capital family based in Worcester, MA. Brandon carries the values of hard work, integrity, and customer experience at the forefront of his client relationships. He is a proud father to Mia, his 1 year old daughter, who is the driving force behind everything he does. 

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Kyle Biancardi


Kyle, a husband and father of 3 boys, has been active in the real estate community for 4 years now. He is the owner and operator of FLYT Media, which is a videography and drone service company for real estate professionals. With a strong and proven background in direct sales and business development in the construction industry, Kyle is dedicated to helping his clients reach their real estate investment goals. Customer experience, relationships and integrity are, what he believes, the most important values for building a successful business.

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Sam Hays

Acquisitions Agent

Sam has a passion for real estate and building lasting relationships with those he works with. When Sam isn’t working for his clients on securing their next investment opportunity, he enjoys spending time in Martha’s Vineyard with his friends and family. Sam is also actively pursuing his bachelor’s degree at UNH while residing in Harvard, MA.


KeyGlee NRG is determined to be a top performing KeyGlee franchise. With operations in both Massachusetts and Florida, KeyGlee NRG has set the stage for massive growth this coming year. While embodying KeyGlee’s core values, NRG sets out to change the landscape of traditional real estate investment companies within their prospective markets. 

NRG’s Worcester location hosts monthly meet ups for SubTo and other real estate communities with the intention of fostering the adoption of the teamwork mindset. KeyGlee NRG is driven to become the leaders in their markets for providing their clients with investment opportunities through a streamlined experience with an expertise in short term rentals. 

KeyGlee NRG is currently looking to add to their team! If you are interested in real estate as a career or already a licensed real estate agent, contact the team at KeyGlee NRG to learn how Real Estate Investing can propel your career into new heights. Experience is preferred but hustle and work ethic with a willingness to learn is all that is required.

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