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Never Miss Out On Real Estate Investment Deals in California

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Real Estate Investment Properties in California

Are you looking to buy investment properties in California? If so, let us help you find the right properties for your real estate investment business. KeyGlee’s inventory of off-market properties gives you access to thousands of houses or businesses across California. Our process for finding properties is fast and simple.

Work with our knowledgeable team to get the most updated information so that you can make smart buying decisions that save time and money. KeyGlee’s platform allows you to expand your real estate network and strengthen your portfolio with more investment opportunities in California and across the U.S.

With thousands of successful off-market property investments and satisfied buyers, KeyGlee Investments has the experience you can rely on.


Select Premier Off-Market Property Investments 


Are you looking to build new houses or businesses on new land? We can help you find a piece of property that meets your needs in prime locations throughout California. Get notifications when new land is available.


The housing market is currently booming with residential off-market investments. Get notifications of rentals, rebuilds, or your next fix-n-flip opportunity. Houses are available in a variety of styles and sizes.


KeyGlee’s vast portfolio includes multi-family family properties such as condos, apartments, townhomes, and duplexes. Multi-family properties are perfect for creating additional cash flow streams.


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Our Real Estate Investment Process

We simplify the process, making it easier for you to find and buy off-market real estate properties. You can seal your next deal in as little as four steps.

Step1: Find an Off-Market Property

Search our extensive inventory to find an off-market property you’d like to buy. Once you find the property and go through the necessary steps to secure the property, send us your personal or business name and best contact email. We’ll send you a Docusign contract to secure the deal. Once you find a property, you need to act fast. All contracts are first come, first serve.


Step 2: Escrow

Once you sign the contract (preferably within two hours of receipt), you open an escrow account by the end of the business day. Afterward, send $5,000 certified funds (check or wire transfer) to the title company.


Step 3: Close with the Title Company

Once the title company receives your funds, you will coordinate with the company to finalize the deal and close the sale.


Step 4: Close the Sale with KeyGlee

KeyGlee helps you put the finishing touches on your purchase. We help you with details such as getting the keys to the property or finding out if there are tenants still in the property if it is a rental. Once we work out all the final details, you are ready to move on your property.

Our Proven Track Record

Why work with KeyGlee? Our performance speaks for itself.

Over 50 years of combined RE wholesale experience.

Over 3,000 successful transactions

More than 800 flips

100 franchises across 45 markets

Network of over 200,000 investors

Zero monthly membership fees

Hundreds of exclusive off-market deals 

KeyGlee Helps Wholesalers & Cash Buyers in California

California Wholesalers:

If you are wholesaling properties in California virtually, KeyGlee can help you find buyers for your investment properties. We can be your primary platform for all real estate transactions. To submit a wholesale property, click here.

California Cash Buyers:

KeyGlee’s vast network puts you front and center for off-market deals with motivated sellers in California and beyond. Join our buyer’s list to get notified of our exclusive inventory of real estate investment opportunities.

Join Our Buyer’s List

Sign up for KeyGlee’s Buyer’s List and stay ahead of the competition. Take advantage of benefits and features such as

No monthly fees

Receive Instant Notifications Of Our Off-Market Deals in California

National network of investors

Push notifications (email or SMS)

Low-priced deals

Off-market properties

Buy Your First or Next Property in California with KeyGlee

If you want to buy an investment property in California, but without the hassle of wading through the market, KeyGlee can help you. Download our app and join our Buyer’s List list to get instant notifications of newly available deals in your area.

Available Inventory of Off-Market Properties:

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