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Meet The Team


Phillip Yan

Franchise Owner

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Dylan Holsworth

Acquisitions Manager

Has the most catch-phrases in the office

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Jonathan Oh

Project Manager

I started as an assistant project manager for one of the largest investors in the Philadelphia area. Eventually, I moved up and became a full-time project manager for the company and have been a part of roughly 150 flips in PA!

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Kayleigh Brooke

Transaction Coordinator

I have six years of experience in customer service. My experience spans from working with small local businesses to large inter-city corporations. I’ve worked on several improvement projects with Philadelphia, such as zoning and community involvement.

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Ryan Ecraela

Dispositions Manager

Available Investments

I started as a design engineer at Intel, which focuses on creating technology that enriches people’s lives. From there, my experience and passion grew until I reached fell into my true love - real estate. As the owner and founder of Offerlocity, LLC and Victory Star, LLC, I have robust experience that allows me to guide my team and mentor others.

I have over ten years of experience working in real estate. As a real estate professional, I’ve focused on developing strong relationships with investors for ten years.

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