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Real Estate Investing 
Made Easy

As part of our buyer’s list, you’ll be immediately notified as new off-market properties become available.

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Real Estate
Investment Properties

Whether you are trying to land your first real estate deal or you are a seasoned investor, the key to your success is finding out about off-market properties as soon as they become available. KeyGlee’s proven system puts you on the fast track to finding the right deals and gives you access to thousands of properties.

KeyGlee’s experienced team, combined with our extensive network, gives you more purchasing power with flexible options in over 35 markets across the US. Our streamlined and simple process puts investment opportunities at your fingertips, giving you a jump on the competition.

Join our buyer’s list today and get instant notifications when off-market properties become available.


A Wide Range of Off-Market Property Investments to Diversify Your Portfolio

Single-Family Homes

Search, analyze, select and buy entirely online. We’ll connect you with real estate investment properties for your next fix-n-flip, rental house, buy and hold, or tear down and rebuild. With KeyGlee, you can buy with confidence.


Multi-family properties are a great way to diversify your portfolio and expand your business. Choose from a variety of duplexes, apartments, condominiums, and townhomes in markets nationwide.


Whether you are looking for income potential down the road or have an upcoming development project in mind, KeyGlee provides land opportunities for new builds, buy and hold, or other developments.


Here’s What Other Investors Have to Say

How It Works

Once you download our app and join our buyer’s list, you get instant notifications of real estate investment properties that become available. If you see a property you want to purchase, just follow our simple process below for landing your deal.


Step 1: Find an Off-Market Property

Search our extensive inventory to find an off-market property you’d like to buy. Once you find the property, send us your personal or business name and best contact email. We’ll send you a Docusign contract to secure the deal. Once you find a property, you need to act fast. All contracts are first come, first serve. We don’t do bidding wars.


Step 2: Escrow

Once you sign the contract (preferably within two hours of receipt), you open an escrow account by the end of the business day. Afterward, send $5,000 certified funds (check or wire transfer) to the title company.


Step 3: Close with the Title Company

Once the title company receives your funds, you will coordinate with the company to finalize the deal and close the sale.


Step 4: Close the Sale with KeyGlee

KeyGlee helps you put the finishing touches on your purchase. We help you with details such as getting the keys to the property or finding out if there are tenants still in the property if it is a rental. Once we work out all the final details, you are ready to move forward with the deal.

Our Proven Performance Speaks for Itself

KeyGlee’s proven platform has helped hundreds of property owners and real estate investors buy and sell properties.

Network of over 140,000 investors

History of successful transactions

55 franchises across 35 metro markets

Zero monthly membership fees

Hundreds of exclusive off-market deals 

Instant alerts of new, low priced deals

Meet the Founders
Hunter Runyon

Chief Executive Officer

Hunter is the co-founder and CEO of KeyGlee. Hunter has filled many roles here, from being responsible for 40% of the company property sales to leading the transactions department, human resources, and refining our dispositions process. He was also instrumental in bringing the company to launch its franchising opportunity.  

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Jamil Damji

Chief Business Development Officer

Jamil has been in real estate since 2002, since then he mastered the art and literally wrote the book on How to Wholesale Real Estate. He successfully built KeyGlee, which is now a National Franchise spanning 35+ US metro markets. Jamil also runs a mentorship called Astro Flipping where he mentors and educates hundreds of entrepreneurs on how they can be successful in their own Wholesaling business.  He also stars in the A&E Original Series "Triple Digit Flip".

Rahima Blaza

Project Manager


Rahima has extensive experience as a buyer and listing agent, however, her specialty is investment properties. Rahima is an experientially trained designer and project manager and has overseen hundreds of projects for her companies and other investors. You can also see Rahima on her home renovation show, “Triple Digit Flip” on A&E.

Josiah Grimes


Josiah grew up in beautiful Chandler, Arizona with a mother who instilled in him a love for business and entrepreneurship. In 2017, he co-founded and is currently the Chairman of KeyGlee, located in Tempe, Arizona. KeyGlee is now franchised in over 21 states across the United States. He also has the pleasure of being CEO and co-founder of New Reach Education, an online education system.​

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KeyGlee Helps Wholesalers & Cash Buyers


If you’re a wholesaler or investing in property virtually, KeyGlee can help you offload the investment properties you get under contract. Choose KeyGlee to be your primary resource for disposition. To submit a wholesale property, click here.

Cash Buyers:

Over the past seven years, KeyGlee has specialized in providing discounted off-market properties for real estate investors. We have hundreds of properties available on our website, saving you tons of time in your search. Join our buyer’s list to get notified of our exclusive inventory of real estate investment opportunities.

Download our Mobile App 

The KeyGlee app gets you instant access to our latest deals straight on your mobile device! You can save target areas, get push notifications, and find real estate investment opportunities for your next fix-n-flip or buy and hold portfolio.

Whatever style of home or business you are after, we've got you covered. Receive notifications when a new property comes in. Go ahead and snag it on either the App Store or Google Play store!

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Get Started with KeyGlee Today

Getting started with KeyGlee is easy. Download our app and join our buyer’s list to get notifications about off-market properties in your area. We are available in the following markets:

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Join Our Buyer’s List

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Off-Market Deals

By submitting contact information on this website you are consenting to receive calls, SMS, and emails from KeyGlee and it's affiliates. Information will not be sold or shared with parties unrelated to KeyGlee. You certify that you are the owner of the contact information provided.

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