Traditional Home Sales: Why Selling a House the Tradition Way is Outdated

Traditional home sales are outdated. The way we live our lives today is vastly different from the way our parents and grandparents lived.

Car seats weren’t even around when the older generation had babies. So much in our world has changed, and we’ve adapted to a more efficient way of doing things.

So why are we still selling houses the same way?

Traditional Home Sales: Prep Work

For ages, selling a home has looked the same.

First, you find a realtor. They help you determine when to list your home and how much you should ask. They might suggest some updates or repairs that need to be made before listing.

Then you go through and complete the repairs. This usually involves small things like painting, cleaning or replacing carpet, and patching holes. More expensive fixes might also be required, like changing out the kitchen cabinets, updating the flooring or replacing the roof.

Once that’s complete, it’s time to stage your home. Your realtor might recommend removing large pieces of furniture, taking pictures off the wall or bringing in a new rug. You should also place fresh flower pots on the porch and clean up the yard.

At this point, your realtor will have professional photos of the home taken, and then list your house on various websites.

It’s possible for all of this to happen in a few days, but most often it takes months to complete. And you haven’t even made it to the open house yet!

Tradition Home Sales: The Actual Selling Part

Finally it’s time to get your home sold.

It starts with the open house. This is usually done on a Saturday morning, and depending on the timing you probably have showings before and after the open house. Showings are a real pain because they require your house to remain spotless and you and your family to stay out for hours at a time.

If you are lucky enough to get a few offers, the negotiations begin. This usually takes a few days, but can take longer if you are unable to come to an agreement with the buyer.

When an agreement has finally been made, you are now under contract. If you think this is where things get easier, you’re wrong.

The contract period can drag on and on. Sometimes it’s as short as 30 days, but more often it’s in the 45-60 day range. That gives time for a home inspection, an appraisal, and for the lender to fund the loan.

Finally, after however many months, you are cleared to close and you can safely hand over the keys. There went your whole summer. Selling a house should not be this hard!

KeyGlee Offers a Better Way!

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