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How to Find New Wholesale Opportunities & Buyers Through Relational Networking

As a new chapter begins with 2023 and we ease out of the holiday season, concerns about the current housing climate start to creep in.

The Federal Reserve has outwardly admitted that they are trying to hit a housing correction in order to fight inflation, something they have been doing since the summer of 2022.

Along with this, consumer confidence dropped again in November and there appear to be a "sellers strike", where many homeowners aren't in a rush to sell their homes in the current climate.

With reports like these, it may seem as though the end of the year will set the tone for the next, where opportunities for wholesalers might be scarce.

However, this time of year is precisely the right time to start cultivating new and lasting relationships with both wholesalers and buyers.

Why You Should Build Better Relationships

Whether you’ve been a real estate investor for years or are just starting out, one of the most beneficial aspects to growing your business is to network and build up relationships with other investors, buyers, and other real estate professionals.

Aside from meeting new people within the industry, building up these relationships can open the door to new opportunities:

  • You find out about properties that might not be listed on the MLS or other property sites

  • You’re able to be introduced to other investors or buyers

  • You learn about successful strategies that others have been using or have used in the past

  • You learn about different markets and potential offerings

The ability to connect and collaborate with others in the real estate landscape is crucial, especially when establishing yourself and your business.

Franchising is just one aspect that you can consider when it comes to building better networks. KeyGlee, for example, has built up a large network of both buyers and other investors to provide our franchisees – both new and seasoned – the environment for collaboration.

Wholesale real estate has actually been able to survive and thrive in this climate because while some sellers aren’t eager to sell, others have no choice and can’t wait the traditional amount of time for their homes to sell.

This is where wholesaling has been able to create an option for sellers, buyers, and other investors. As KeyGlee co-founder Josiah Grimes has said, “good relationships are your most valuable asset in the real estate business.”

And it’s through these relationships that have built KeyGlee to one of the nation’s largest real estate franchisors and what will help you grow and scale your own business.

Now is the time to start assembling your network, growing those connections, and having those relationships so that you’re set when the new year begins.

If you’re interested in opening those doors and exploring new opportunities, then schedule a Virtual Discovery Day to see what franchising with KeyGlee can do for you.


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