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Real Estate Investment Properties in Nevada

At KeyGlee, we make real estate investing easier. Instead of spending all your time looking for real estate investment properties, we do the homework for you and send you notifications so that you can spend more time making deals. Our platform expands your network and puts you in touch with more sellers and professionals in your target market.

Sign up for our Buyer’s List and download our KeyGlee Deals app. You’ll have everything you need to stay updated on the latest off-market properties for sale. With KeyGlee, you get more investment opportunities from motivated sellers and property owners. New builds, buy and holds, rental properties, and multi-family properties - it’s all waiting for you on our platform.


Proven Success in Markets Across the U.S.

Unlike traditional home sales, finding off-market properties can be difficult. You need a brokerage with a vast network that can provide up-to-date information as properties become available. KeyGlee’s network gives you access to various markets, big and small, throughout the U.S. Our performance speaks for itself.

Over 50 years of combined RE wholesale experience.

Over 3,000 successful transactions

More than 800 flips

100 franchises across 45 markets

Network of over 200,000 investors

Zero monthly membership fees

Hundreds of exclusive off-market deals 

Our Dedicated Agents Work for You

We’ve researched and identified thousands of investment property deals throughout Nevada. Our agents have helped investors find and secure real estate investment deals that would otherwise go unnoticed.

More Properties

Finding the right investment property can be a challenge. As a real estate investment brokerage, KeyGlee offers a vast inventory of value-rich, off-market properties for various investment strategies.

Less Hassle

We provide easy access to opportunities you wouldn’t have otherwise. We also work behind the scenes to eliminate problems, deliver a clear title, and provide a fast, seamless closing process.

Local Insights

Our agents serve as your boots on the ground, drawing on a wide array of data and unmatched local market knowledge to source the best opportunities for you consistently.

Dedicated Agents

A licensed KeyGlee agent will work hard to deliver the type of residential investment properties that meet your unique goals, plans and exit strategy. We’re here to help every step of the way through closing.

 Download the KeyGlee App and Stay Connected

When you need instant notifications and accurate information on the most current real estate  investment properties, your best real estate tool is the KeyGlee Deals app. You can get the latest deals straight to your mobile device.

With the KeyGlee app, you can save target areas and get push land houses multi-family land opportunities for your next new build, buy and hold portfolio. Receive notifications when a new property becomes available. Download the app for your iPhone or Android phone. The setup is easy, and you can get started right away.

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One of the most powerful tools in the KeyGlee arsenal is the Buyer’s List. Sign up to be a member and get notifications on real estate deals as they happen. Take advantage of benefits and features such as

No monthly fees

Receive Instant Notifications Of Our Off-Market Deals in Nevada


National network of investors

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Low-priced deals

Off-market properties

Choose Your Real Estate Investment


You may have a vision for your next real estate project and need a piece of property to make it happen. We provide land opportunities for your new build, buy and hold, or other projects.


The market is filled with single-family homes that allow you to explore your next rental, rebuild, or fix-n-flip opportunity. Whatever home style you are after, we can help, big or small.


Multi-family properties such as Duplexes, townhomes, apartment complexes, and condominiums are available to provide additional cash flow for your real estate investment business.


Here’s What Other Investors Have to Say

Our Real Estate Investment Process

Step1: Find a Property

Use KeyGlee’s advanced platform to find a property in your area. Once you find the property, send us your name and email address. We’ll send you a DocuSign contract, which secures the purchase. Don’t waste any time signing the contract. Some properties go fast!


Step 2: Open an Escrow Account

Return the contract signed within two hours of receiving it from KeyGlee. Afterward, you’ll open an escrow account with $5,000 ready to send to the title company. You can send the money via wire transfer or check.


Step 3: Close with the Title Company

Once the title company receives the designated escrow amount, they will start closing the sale. The title company works directly with you to close the sale of the house.


Step 4: Close the Sale with KeyGlee

If you have signed the DocuSign document, sent the escrow, and closed the sale with the title company, KeyGlee can take it from there. We can help you complete any last-minute paperwork or details so that you can get started with your next project.

Buy Your Next Property with KeyGlee Today

If you want to buy your first piece of property in Nevada, but without wading through the market, KeyGlee can help you land your first real estate deal. We don't want anyone calling or emailing. Join our Buyer’s List list to get instant notifications of newly available deals in your area.

Available Inventory of Off-Market Properties:

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